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Lumbar spinal stenosis

Lumbar spinal stenosis  is a condition in which narrowing of the central spinal canal, lateral recess, or foramen leads to compression of the neural and vascular structures, resulting in back and leg pain, disability (particularly decreased walking capacity), and substantially diminished health-related quality of life.

Physical therapy is commonly recommended for patients with mild to moderate lumbar spinal stenosis, and patients with severe stenosis typically undergo to surgery.

Major goals of physical therapy for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis or recovering from surgery is usually made by combining clinical evidence of recommendation with individual patient characteristics and patient preference. including retrain muscles, improve strength, and increase endurance and restore function .Ours evidence-based physical therapy protocol is based on impact high-intensity exercise programs and high-intensity dynamic back and core exercise to earlier pain reduction ,improvement in functional status and return to work.  

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